Forced wipe 08.02.18 – rust leaving EA


This thursday, Rust is leaving Early Access, thats means a new forced wipe coming in, map and blueprints.

Update is usually around 19:00-22:00 GMT (7-10 PM) but we will never be for sure. it will come when its ready.

Server will wipe when the update hits! Stay tuned.



19:15: Main server just wiped!


Serverchanges (will apply on Thursday)

  • Add Friends plugin.
  • Add Friendly Fire for Friends plugin.
  • Add nav_disable true in startup (disable navmesh).
  • Remove Share plugin (TC,Doors,doorlock etc) (Causes lag).
  • Remove blockremover plugin (removes all entities outside of TC, but it does not yet support latest TC updates..).
  • Remove Clan ally function. (friends will take over).
  • Remove Zlevel (higher gather rate).


Looking into

Since share plugin will be removed, now we are going back to the old, everyone needs to auth on cupboards before building in it!

You can always follow this site(s) for more news/updates (Dev blog)